Most frequently asked questions about Japanese toilets and toilet seats

Are Japanese toilets sanitary

Yes, most Japanese toilets are very sanitary but obviously it depends on the users. Most Japanese people keep their bathroom/toilet very clean, especially when they expect visitors, but public toilets are also in very good conditions. Read more about sanitation this post.

Why are Japanese toilets so weird

Japanese toilets look weird to the Western eye because they have a wide range of functions and a control switch with multiple buttons, while Western toilets have only one button (flush).

What are Japanese toilets called

Japanese toilets don’t have a special name but they are sometimes referred to as washlets, which is a brand name of one of the biggest Japanese toilet manufacturers.

What can Japanese toilets do

Japanese toilets have a wide range of functionalities and they can wash, dry, play music, keep the seat warm and a lot more. Check the main Japanese toilets page for more details.

Can you buy Japanese toilets in Australia

Yes, there are more than one companies importing Japanese and Korean toilets to Australia. Korean toilets have similar functions as Japanese toilets.

Do Japanese toilets talk

Not really, but some Japanese toilet models do communicate via recorded voice messages; however, you can have a conversation with them. Unless you find this speaking TOTO toilet.

Do Japanese toilets have doors

Both private and public Japanese toilets have doors, including Western and squat types of toilets.

Do Japanese use toilet paper

Wooden sticks and seaweed were used as a sort of toilet paper in the old days, but by the Edo period (17th century), these had been replaced by toilet paper.

How do Japanese toilets work

Japanese toilets work the same way as other Western-style toilets but they can spray water at your bottom and have a wide range of other interesting features as well.

Why do Japanese toilets make noise

Loud trumpeting toilet sounds are considered embarrassing to most people and some toilet models are fitted with a noisemaker to drown out other sounds in the toilet.

Do Japanese flush toilet paper

Japanese people do flush toilet paper and according to the local standards, toilet paper must dissolve within 100 seconds when placed in water.

Why do Japanese toilets have sinks

Firstly, toilet sinks save space  because Japanese bathroom are often quite small compared to European or American standards. Secondly, it saves water because the water used in the sink to wash hands is collected in the tank (cistern) below.

Do Japanese use toilets

Yes, Japanese people use both Western and squat types of toilets. Read this post: How to use Japanese toilets

How do Japanese toilet seats work

Japanese toilet seats work  in very interesting way for Western people because the seat has a control switch with multiple buttons to control the wide range of features of the toilet. Read more on the Japanese toilet seat page.

How much do Japanese toilets cost

Multi-function toilet seats are not considered expensive in Japan, but are quite pricey in Australia due to their niche market and import taxes. You can get a multi-function toilet seat from a few hundred Dollars and can spend thousands on a top brand Japanese toilet. You can find more price details in this post.

What does a Japanese toilet look like

Do Japanese have toilets

Yes, Japanese people do have private and public toilets, both Western and squat style toilets.

Why don’t we have Japanese toilets

Japanese toilets are not too popular in Europe, US and Australia because people are more accustomed to the French bidets or they are not used to washing their bottom.