Japanese Toilet Seats

The majority of Japanese people use toilet seats that differ radically from their western-style counterparts. Japanese toilet seats are known by a variety of names, including electronic bidets and washlets, but all have some fixtures and features in common. Although bidets have been used in Europe as a separate bathroom fixture for centuries, the Japanese have incorporated bidets within the single toilet seat unit, providing a convenient and functional experience.

High-tech Japanese bidet toilet seats attach to an existing toilet. The major function of a Japanese bidet toilet is to clean up with a stream of water instead of using toilet paper. For this reason alone, consumers should give serious consideration to introducing Japanese toilets and reducing the enormous reliance on forestry products for the manufacture of toilet paper.

Popular and easy to install

Japanese toilet seats are found all throughout Japan. They are in the majority of homes, and also common in public spaces, train stations, restaurants and hotels. Cleanliness is important to the  Japanese, and there is no denying that a stream of water will clean a bottom much more effectively than by smearing it with a wad of paper.

Japanese toilet seats are manufactured for ease of installation. In most cases it’s simply a matter of removing the old seat and replacing it with the new bidet style seat. The Japanese toilet seat water supply is connected to the same water supply used for flushing your toilet, with no additional plumbing required. However, your new Japanese toilet seat may require access to an electric power source for seat warming, air warming, and other technical gadgetry connections associated with advanced toilet seat models. The many additional features of Japanese toilet seats are sure to astound and delight converts to the toilet seat revolution.

Health benefits

Users of Japanese bidet toilet seats vouch for the important health benefits. Improved cleanliness is an obvious factor in limiting the spread of disease and viral infection, and the therapeutic effect of water is extremely beneficial for people who rash easily or suffer from haemorrhoids.

Pruritus ani (itchy bum) is a condition that most people suffer from at one time or another. The condition can be exacerbated by a lack of cleanliness and also by vigorous use of toilet paper. Continued rubbing or scratching will only make the condition worse. Itchy bum can also be a side effect of dermatitis, bacterial infection and psoriasis, all conditions that will benefit by keeping a clean bottom using a Japanese-style toilet.

Helping the elderly and infirm

Japanese toilet seats allow the infirm to use the toilet and bidet functions without needing to move to a separate fixture. This is especially appreciated by people requiring a walker or wheelchair, or for those whose movement is restricted in other ways. Once seated on the Japanese toilet there is no need to get up until all washing and drying is complete. A Japanese toilet seat assists carers, and provides the elderly and infirm with new-found self confidence and self reliance.

Japanese toilet seat features

You may be surprised to find out that all the great features of Japanese toilets are contained in a seat that takes up hardly any more space than a regular flip-up western seat. Features include:

  • Controls: wireless remote or attached control panel
  • Washing features: posterior wash, feminine wash, massage cleaning, turbo (enema) wash, water pulse
  • Adjustments: water temperature, water pressure, nozzle position, spray width
  • Water heating: on-demand water heating, reservoir water heater
  • Additional/Optional features: warmed toilet seat, automatic closing seat and lid, self-rinsing nozzle, power saving mode, air deodoriser, warm air dry

TOTO remains the most common name associated with Japanese toilet seat manufacture, but significant companies such as Hyundai are capturing an increased market share. Japanese toilet seats are sold under a broad range of categories including natural water bidets, budget range, mid range, luxury range, children’s bidets and remote control bidets. Purchasers can choose to keep the system simple, with limited additional functions, or to purchase a top-range bidet toilet seat with remote control for the complete toilet personalisation package.

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