How much do Japanese toilets cost?

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The short answer: most of the Japanese toilets and toilet seats are between $300-$1700, depending on the build quality and number of features. Our lifestyles have changed over the years. People used to be content with a simple home, functional furniture, and one car per family. Times have changed, and a regular home in the […]

How to Use Japanese Toilets


Visitors to Japan are often overawed by the high-tech gadgetry and state-of-the-art technology all pervasive in Japanese society. It comes as no surprise that westerners are uncertain when approaching a Japanese toilet, and bewildered by the array of settings and features. Rest assured, the Japanese do simplicity and ease of operation as well as anyone, […]

Are Japanese Toilets Sanitary


Going to the bathroom is a completely normal and natural necessity. It’s also a private situation not usually discussed even with our closest family members. Bathroom matters are only brought up as the butt of schoolboy toilet humour, or amongst the sick and elderly when proper bowel movements differentiate the healthy from the ailing. Wherever […]